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RW1 RagWing Ultra-Piet "Pete"

  Ultralight replica of the Pietenpol Air Camper. 1/2 VW okay. Video $20; plans cost includes video. Combination Heath, Midwing, Ragamuffin / Parasol and Duster as a set $75.00.  
cutaway drawing
Wingspan  25.5 ft   VNE  85 mph
Wingarea  117 sq.ft   Cruise speed  55 mph
Length  15 ft   Stall speed  24 mph
Height  5.9 ft   Climb rate  650 fpm
Seats  1   Range  125 s.m.
Empty weight  254 lb   Take off run  150 ft
Gross weight  550 lb   Landing roll  150 ft
Engine used  2si   Service Ceiling  10.000 ft
HP/HP Range  35/24-48      
Fuel Capacity  5 gal.      
Landing Gear  tailwheel      
Building materials  wood, fabric      
Building time  400 man hours      
Plans cost $75.00      

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